Good Morning Mr. Greentime by Andrew Spaulding

Mr. Greentime’s tip of the day: Planting sunflowers have their benefits. For one, they attract birds to your property, and their height adds a back splash of color to any spot where you decide to plant them. You should try to plant the seeds in the southernmost part of your garden, so as not to shade the rest of your garden or planting bed. sunshine inspirationGive them plenty of room to grow, and keep them several feet away from your house. I heard they could damage screens, and I imagine paint and so on. Some varieties produce more pollen than others, and certain smaller plants make great cut flowers for arrangements that will last for days indoors, but some pollen may fall around the vase. A good place to put the vase is in the kitchen window near the sink for easy cleaning. Did you know that the uncut flower heads follow the sun throughout the day. Plant them in full sun, and fertilize often, they are heavy feeders. This is just my advice off the top of my head concerning one of my favorites. Just Google any of my tips to be better informed in the future. Enjoy tomorrow’s tip.


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