Glühwein(mulled wine)

Town & Country Gardening

mulling iron Common style mulling iron.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘Mulled’ then a short history lesson will be helpful. Mulled or Mulling in short means to warm or to heat up a liquid. That term is often applied to fruit juices, wine, alcoholic beverages and sometimes is also applied to beer.

Mulling(to heat) was accomplished using a mulling iron that was heated in a fireplace or in / on a wood/coal burning stove.
As the name implies the mull tool was made by the local blacksmith from wrought iron.

When a drink was to be mulled the hot mull iron was inserted into the drink thus warming the drink. The iron was then reheated for reuse as needed.

Who put the Glüh in my wine?
Glühwein is another winter / holiday season drink to be enjoyed at every opportunity. In short Glühwein is a warm spiced red wine…

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