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Let me try this again… Here’s the link to my diamond in the rough! It’s where I store all the stuff I think is noteworthy. Click on this blue highlighted link to see a summary of all my internet activity this year. I spent a lot of time putting this together and tried to share it with the world. So far only a few have ventured out of facebook to see it. I created a “widget” on the right side of the blog called a Gravatar. That tool will send you to all my other links such as; Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and so on. Please click on this⤵ http://www.facebook.com/greentimesolutions Also here are a few of my hashtags you might want to search. I find new ones daily! #Gardenwars, (my favorite) #seeds, #healthyliving, #sustainability, #garden, #gardening, #gardener, #vegan, #repurposed, #woodworking, #nature, #kids, #dreambig, #PAR, #ShareThis


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