Crypto Currency Thoughts

Soon people will use it like Visa or PayPal. But for now it’s time consuming and expensive to keep funds by trading high and buying low. The network fees may cost quite a bit of your profits also from .01% to 3or4%, and even more to transfer to a bank. I just experiment with small trades at certain times to try and find loopholes that skim a few cents or hopefully don’t lose a few cents trading just one of hundreds of different ones choose from. You should do your research, and only invest in the ones that you believe have all their eggs in one basket and have a future. You also need to realize they will never just go up in price. That would be the easiest investment in the world. A lot of people feel that an investment isn’t an investment until you’ve held it for 5 years. I have a hard time holding crypto for 5 minutes.

I also do a lot of research online about the new blockchain dapps powered by these tokens. Not to mention I talk to the makers of the digital assets on their community channels. I just need a $250 used computer to run these Web 3.0 programs. The Chromebook I use won’t even come close to doing what I want to do. I also want to take coding classes in college. I’ve done almost 400 lessons in Java so far using this Grasshopper Coding App!

Here on WordPress there is a decent way to publish your blog, and many other features for your websites they call plug-ins, they are lines of code to insert into your account they will perform a certain function like adding a call to action button to user inferfaces and fancy themes. Some are free, but most come with a paid plan. I run this blog for free! I added an Instagram button using code that takes you to my gallery.

So back to my Crypto Manifesto… This asset class is so new that general purpose people are scared of this new technology. I crawled down this rabbit hole to learn more about investing, trading digital assets, and what exactly does a blockchain do, and how can all these new skill sets will leverage my way to a better future. Many new companies are forming in this new economy. One of the biggest exchanges is Check out this free app from Coinbase that lets you conveniently and securely store, and trade digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. You can get it here in the Google Play store. Coinbase also has a community app to receive paid messages. I have gotten 6 so far. Also you can pay to talk to influential people. Give it a look at if you sign up you will earn me $1 in bitcoin. So sign up and you too can earn some cryptocurrency possibly for the first time. Less than 1% of the earth’s population knows about bitcoin. I am trying to inform the rest of the world of this new technology.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Spaulding

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