Ethereum 2 Rollout

I’m not selling a anything Ethereum based until ETH2 rollout I just decided. I know a guy who runs 4 nodes he had to put $32,000 of his money in each node locked for possibly 2 or more years. He has backup power, and back up internet so his staked nodes will always be on line, and his staking rewards will never get slashed. Everyone has the ability to use eth based stable coins like usdt(tether) and usdc(usd coin) they both are ethereum based, and are pegged to the dollar. I’ve seen 11.8% intrest in certain websites that want you to store it in their custody. I tried to do a transaction yesterday the exchange wanted $78 to do a (not so)simple swap on their automated market maker(🔎: #Uniswap) it only uses the ethereum virtual machine. Bitcoins don’t fit in this machine unless you use wrapped Bitcoins, and that’s another fee to wrap and unwrap it. I’ve tried to limit the gwei(ethereum gas fees) in transactions, very risky, a year ago before #defi and #nfts congested the main chain. Amazing shit out there to be discovered, and lots of shitty shitcoins also so #dyor(do your own research). I’ll try to post a Venn diagram using only circles(too many cricles overlapping though) and emojis to better explain #ETH soon. My point is I’m waiting till the proof of stake nodes execute transactions flawlessly, and all the ethereum is burnt to the beacon chain(ETH2) making gas fees almost free I’m assuming. Can’t wait new roll-outs excite me. That will unlock a lot of projects I’ve invested my time and money in these past couple years. ETH outperformed BTC this year by 1.5k% I think it’s the next sleeping giant people don’t realize it yet. Tons of people that live under rocks still have never heard of any cryptocurrencies even though it’s used globally. Mass adoption doesn’t happen overnight or next month, but it’s always on the rise. Good luck if you try to interpret this post and succeed. Don’t fact check me, I’m well over 50% correct. And don’t ever send any of your funds to con artists that pretend to be legitimate companies. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Sorry for the confusion this early in the morning. Maybe someday we will meet up in the #metaverseses(the virtual world on the blockchain).


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