Bonus Token’s “Your Vote Counts” Announcement

Welcome to Bonus Token! We are a trc10 Token with a service to provide Airdrops to 1000s of wallets. We provide you with daily Airdrops to your Token holders. We do all the work for you with easy and fast service. We can airdrop any TRC10 of your choice. if you would like to add Bonus wallet to your telegram Group & use Trc10 & TRC20 tokens we can help.

Bonus Wallet is a fast, easy to use, multi-platform payment system on the Tron Network.

Send and receive TRX and Tron Tokens on the platforms you already use.
Sending someone Tron tokens is easy with Bonus Wallet. Transactions are fast.

Bonus Wallet generates a wallet for your Telegram account. If you received a tip then your wallet has already been created. Bonus Wallet will provide you with a menu that you can navigate to retrieve your wallet information.

We provide great Service to your wallets. We bring value with Airdrops with low fees. Half the price of others. Add Bonus Wallet to any Telegram Group.

Bot Uses Bonus for the fees.(Network fee)

Add Bonus Wallet to any Telegram Group. Send and Receive Tokens instantly with using commands.

Visit our Telegram group:


BonuswalletBot has to be present in the channel. Ask the admins to add them to your favorite channels! :
You need at least 1 TRX in your wallet
BonuswalletBot can only tip messages that it has seen. So if you invite the bot to your channel then i won’t be able to tip any messages that were sent before the bot was present in the channels.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid ad. I’m a big fan of the Bonus Token I help to promote good things when I see them. If you want to try out the wallet open a private message @BonusWalletbot and in the message press the start button to see your personal Telegram wallet it’s that easy! All the social links and exchange links are in the voting link above. Please Vote for, and be active in our Telegram group to get tips and other active community airdrops, new announcements. Help us grow the token. Tip any of your Telegram group members with $BONUS. There’s also a staking feature available in the link. There’s a $BOLO/$BONUS pair you can get 10% APY. It works great I’ve tried it.

This is an animation I created for a Video game I play

Follow me on Twitter here: I tweet about bonus occasionally.

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Do you have any comments, questions, suggestions or any other correspondence you can contact me here:


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