Play RPG Game With Crypto Rewards

Galactic 123: A game? A marketing platform? A crypto faucet? Its all of this and more! What is Galactic 123?* It is a scifi role playing game
* It is a free website traffic exchange (you can get visits to your own web)
* It is a faucet featuring various tokens
* All the aforementioned aspects are related with each other, but at the same time everything is optional; Use and enjoy only what you want.

Play Galactic 123, a 3D first person game with retro-styled graphics. Explore an entire galaxy. Collect treasure, kill monsters, earn tokens (ECX, VRT, XYTE and more) group)
My team’s home Group : Join our Telegram Group “The Chronicles of the Smelly Koala” Battle Deck Game

Play Galactic123 here for free!

Watch this video on how to play.

How to play: ⬅️🪐🚀🛸🛰✨🌠🌌✨

Game NFT Items Info:


Free nft here!

You can make your planet more interesting in the description you create:


When you go write in your planet description, you have access to various BBCODE tags (as that page also shows). These are:

BBCode Tags

You can use these tags when writing your planet description for better effect:

Bold Text: [b]bold text[/b]
Italic: [i]italic text[/i]
Underline: [u]underline[/u]
Text color: [color=red]red text[/color]
Text size: [size=14]text size 14px[/size]
Clickable URL: [url][/url]
Embed an image: [img][/img]
New line: [br]

Special tags:

Hide the top image on planets (write anywhere): [noheader]
Show current player id: [playerid]
Show current player name: [playername]

More may be added, stay tuned!


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