A Ride Through The Rock.

It was a great day you a going to read about! Me(Andrew Spaulding),AKA Mr.Greentime, Brandy Broadus(my love), Jessie(my 2 year old Daughter), and Zachariah Kopstad(my silly 13 year old nephew from Florida) had cabin  fever, and decided to go eagle spotting in Brandy’s new car. I put the i Pod  on shuffle. Afro man, Nickelback,… Continue reading A Ride Through The Rock.



Zinnias are another favorite of mine. They are so easy to grow. I recommend getting the treated variety seeds if you plan on sowing them directly into soil, and they come in almost every color in the rainbow! Plant in mid spring when the soil gets above 70 degrees. They get about knee high with… Continue reading TIP#2, TIP#3, AND SO ON…


Good Morning Mr. Greentime by Andrew Spaulding

Mr. Greentime’s tip of the day: Planting sunflowers have their benefits. For one, they attract birds to your property, and their height adds a back splash of color to any spot where you decide to plant them. You should try to plant the seeds in the southernmost part of your garden, so as not to… Continue reading Good Morning Mr. Greentime by Andrew Spaulding



    I had planted the 6″ well rooted strawberry plants in a 200’x6′ raised bed full of organic compost, and then mulched the bed with a good 6″ of ground corn stalks(silage). I couldn’t wait to pick next year’s crop. All summer I pinched off all the flowers so the plants would bush out… Continue reading DEER LOVE STRAWBERRIES by Andrew Spaulding