Zinnias are another favorite of mine. They are so easy to grow. I recommend getting the treated variety seeds if you plan on sowing them directly into soil, and they come in almost every color in the rainbow! Plant in mid spring when the soil gets above 70 degrees. They get about knee high with long lasting flowers that are great for cut flower arrangements. They also attract birds and butterflies, and will last until the first frost. TIP#3 Planting for bees. This year think to try to save a bee. We’d probably starve if it wasn’t for them pollinating almost everything. Pesticides are killing them and tainting their honey supplies. I looked up some good pictures today for you to think about and lots more information put together by 13 Lucky Bees. TIP #4 Read,” Chicken Soup For The Gardeners Soul.” I thoroughly enjoyed the short stories that taught me a new lesson on every page not just about gardens, but the essence of life. Its full of humor too. My favorite story was the one about a neighbor giving her friend clumpy cat turds instead of flower bulbs by mistake, she planted them all over her yard before the neighbor realized her mistake! Another story that touched my heart was about mending fences(actually a rose bush hedge row) that a kid made a gateway to friendship between neighbors during horseplay. I don’t want to give away the whole book, but a farmer hires a thief that steals his produce to watch his gardens, and plows up a plot of land for him and gives him seeds to grow his own. If you like my page you’ll love this book. Enjoy!!! #5 Branding your future! Be somebody that makes you happy. Apply yourself. My interests happen to be working outside, and getting right with the man. Watch this” Leave A Legacy” video to resolve conflicts in your life. I’ll have it pinned to the top of this page. Make an effort to do as I’m doing in your own format. Life is full of imperfections so use your built in auto correct feature to maximize your hidden potentials. Be creative, be strong, and set goals. Make your dreams come true one step at a time. Plant a seed, and put your roots down before you transform yourself into the unique creation that you will become. TIP# 6 Plan the Springtime that’s in your heart, planting bulbs are an easy way to enhance your surroundings. I cant wait until I see my first crocus bloom this winter, it’s flower is small and insubstantial, but I know that spring will soon be here. A bulb contains a complete plant stored within it’s shell! Most bulbs are planted in the fall, as most of you might know, and bloom in the spring. Some people might “force” them to bloom other times of the year. There are also corms(The Lilly is an example.)that are close cousins to bulbs, and tubers that include a lot of perennials. I planted a lot of bulbs a couple years ago.They are real easy to take care of, in fact they do better under-watered, and left alone for periods up to 5 years or more! I have learned to enjoy the Narcissus, which is similar to a Daffodil. If you plant them in areas that you don’t mow they will do just fine. Their foliage needs to absorb sunlight, even though after blooming start to look unsightly. Plant them in shady areas, or full sun. Only a mild fertilizer is needed since they store nutrients that are readily available in humus soils in our local area. We are so fortunate to have such great soil in the heart of Illinois. Adding amendments like compost and sand will make a big difference in any plants development where there is hard compacted clay or rocks. I’m not trying to write a book tonight, and certainly you have more important things to do than listen to me ramble on about bulbs. So plan to plant lots of bulbs this fall. Like always, do some research on any of my topics that might interest you, and think of me as the spark that starts the fire, the Springtime that’s in your heart! Send me your pictures and Tag me so I can keep you close to my heart even though miles, or kilometers may separate us. #Gratacide please don’t kill me just yet~_~ Maybe there’s still hope for this poor soul… TIP# 7 Today’s tip is a tough one to put together. I haven’t thought much about a tip topic at all to be frankly honest with you. One thing that bothered me was that I lost a couple of fans after I posted a bee pollinating a marijuana plant. I used to smoke it, but I don’t now. I just had to throw it out there. It’s not worth all the negativity that goes along with the whole culture, just to feel numb to everything around you, and all the trouble you can get involved in. What a controversial subject! I realized that posting that while starting a business wasn’t a good idea. So sorry folks, you’re going to have to share your weed to your own timeline! Employers in Colorado still have a zero tolerance policy for drugs, even though it legal there now. A lot of my friends are smokers thats why I posted that picture and bees do the world a lot of good. I can’t pick a side to where I stand.I will just use my better judgment. I looking for a tio topic for tomorrow. So please leave me an idea to elaborate on soon. Have a “green” tomorrow, and a great weekend. By the way like my page, if you haven’t already. I rack my brain to entertain everyone here in cyberville, it’s the least you could do is hit that like button to let me know your not an underwear sniffer going through my dirty laundry. All I’m trying to say is so many people see my posts and read my comments, and only a handful ever share my posts to their timelines; like, comment, or contribute to this page. I like so many related topics facebook warned me not to use it the way I was. I probably made a lot more people happy hitting their like button. I guess they’re telling me to just go through loads and loads of dirty laundry to find that one gem that left a sparkle in my eye. I don’t keep track track of your every little thing you do on facebook, like Mark Zuckerschmutz does, but I do try to keep track of the posts you like, and add related interests to the most popular posts. So, beat up that like button, and make me happy! #Gratacide~one more iron in the fire please… TIP# 8 I was busy messing with the settings just now I added new administrators who I thought might want to post whatever they want. We’ll see how they change this page, hopefully for the better. It took me a couple of months to get this far. I’m going to try to condense a lot of these photos into albums so you wont have to scroll down anymore. I hope I don’t lose much content doing that. Admins can go to the home page and see all the pages I’ve liked. You’ll figure it out. If any friends and clients have any questions PM me. Thanks for your support! This is all part of the Big picture I’m seeing here. The whole going Green thing is approaching quickly so try to do your part in getting others involved in a new booming industry. I follow any related stories related to those fields and I hope you do it for yourselves and for your grandkids kids also. New admins. and others will be able to add their friends by inviting them. Today I got involved with a conversation about a professor who also wants power plants to switch over to green energies and tax them for their emissions they produce. I tried not to jump to any conclusions when commenting and had a valid response when I chimed in. One guy was a little ticked off at this professor involved. Anyway I got a lot of stuff to do, so go do your part in this struggling economy one step at a time. Thanks again!!! Andrew lee Spaulding GtS TIP# 9 Remember to get in touch with Mother Earth soon. I see a whole society enraptured and coaxed into an electronic existence. Yes I have a great time doing what I do. So try to do the best at what you like to do. Nevermind all the critics out there. I got everything I could ever need, thanks to hard work, friends and family. BTW, before you lose interest, I’m looking for old lawn mowers and bicycles to bring back to life. Don’t just scrap them out. I got the skills to deal with your junk locally, if you’re not close to Ottawa,Il I’m sure one of my Greentime Clients will assist you in good time. GtS(Greentime Solutions) is building a proven track record. Failure is not an option! I learned to finish what I start, I’m glad my interests are related to yours,be it small scale or widespread concerns, shoot your shot here. Chances are, it will be heard around the world, or surely from Chicago to Peoria and Dekalb to bloomington, And All Points Inbetween.

I found him on Twitter,#Greenlovegonebad, for the record, oh so sad. Another internet consultant called me, but I missed the call. I was digging out snow from the #blizzard,#Gratacide,kill me then, I froze my fingers to the bone. I was going to post a new video today about heating your home with hot water radiant floor heat from an external wood burning furnace, but it was too cold to mess around outside. It’s a great topic, due to the local#propaneshortage. I feel sorry for you folks out there in the cold prairie with little to no heat. Maybe going green one step at a time will be a beneficial part of our lives in the future! Enjoy tomorrow, for all that will be, and learn a more conservative existence that’s close to mother earth. That’s about all I got on my plate for today~Stay warm~~ 

— at Smack dab in the middle of The Polar Vortex. GtS TIP# 11 is grow some kale, See the generous link below sent to me by a fan in Washington. So many ideas listed on how to use it. I like to eat it raw. A real good cold weather performer too. I like to put fried foods on them they tend to soak up some of the grease, and are a lot cheaper than paper towels. Very similar to a cabbage in taste with ruffled leaves. Very nice looking, and edible. I’m going to make some kale chips in the deep fryer this year. I read that they taste better than potato chips. give this page a look see. http://sanctuarysoil.com/2014/kale-green-grow/ bambi Greentime Solutions is trending on facebook261761_207428159457649_1052735779_n 552799_623212114358833_667622913_n 575265_543807445717430_1053682896_n 604008_528006287297709_995215167_n 701661 1004973_647931271922958_1273045728_n 1010401_599219846834866_1537472668_n 1010629_423384224431885_498840843_n 1010974_356107984527889_255639613_n 1011007_258102104365880_167199203_n 1012051_10152000503073049_839992523_n 1511177_263139530519383_1902045267_n 1511672_490376091073910_923712778_n 1531650_462975727147352_1372313011_n 1535432_10152200928166970_269946099_n 1545838_698909986796237_2027997657_n 1554538_263142783852391_966159314_n 1555479_662136130495423_1971519535_n 1559591_706459882721493_445930201_n 1560539_647918948590857_1007447249_n 1601133_708241215876693_1534440311_n 1604527_491833557593857_1020262134_n 1604622_825045594179665_1115848507_n 1604636_423389684431339_1276413825_n 1604807_10153775747920274_1549230576_n 1606963_10152197625579573_865324492_n 1609620_685290928180153_267904341_n 1609669_698907693463133_1409147994_n 1620511_10153753631805274_1158025370_n 1620693_664588710250165_968706171_n 1620924_263147303851939_666581292_n 1622234_258427004333390_1574191611_n 1622713_787027557977287_700736545_n 1622804_527640537334284_1262714955_n 1623742_788189194527790_750874509_n 1653410_764243043604801_219174715_n 1654268_10151990237493925_1663360427_n 1654487_647922691923816_1205361734_n 1655896_355551051250249_450818953_n 1656110_651769994869929_486326044_n 1656203_708513892516092_609554085_n 1656304_667756319933404_1149273764_n 1661264_356096364529051_1350116916_n 1661558_528005630631108_922652546_n 1743498_423385907765050_43301271_n 1743498_543817295716445_1124055614_n 1743571_10152196580676210_1459256792_n 1779351_309221332566036_1306572573_n 1779730_647921648590587_209361605_n 1779767_231032443687203_1929723314_n 1779879_10152000599443049_645070086_n 1780620_10152249854456913_121569913_n 1780665_647922015257217_1714311445_n 1780865_698914666795769_973937566_n 1795783_10151862331786316_567223645_n 1796686_10153753614105274_1112812754_n 1798356_10152000554973049_40964970_n 1798639_647931098589642_1181897053_n 1798735_263145397185463_1409875451_n 1800307_706449112722570_876849736_n 1800317_263393093827360_1576287959_n 1891128_596689253750152_115812806_n 1897654_214815128723703_1867202048_n 1897733_602293773174173_640997411_n 1898260_632287660140161_1281525378_n 1899874_257543444421746_228567226_n 1901202_263119533854716_1041523971_n 1907510_367802260024178_2001664135_n 1908480_788020407878002_1822684443_n adream amarilis amy's owl amy's owls2 amy's owls3 amysowls4 amysowls5 amysowls7 amysows6 Andrew and Jessie bacon=happy bambi barbed wire Belgin rectangle flower bed Benarys Giant Zinnia big cock blooming desert bluebells on mothers day bolt array boots on fence Boulderdash cactus cana lillys candyland slew car swing cardnial is cold cat planting Chachi choo choo1 colander colocasia-Gus cosmos rack cupid cure cute factor=off the charts cute puppy rescue dat ass delete me dog poop dog roller fence downspout idea Drawing7 dream pantry echinacea1 elephant_ears endless sunflowers fake fan mail fb closed flower bench food porn1 food porn2 forktruck certification fran1.2 free sample french bench fruit art fukitol funny garden sign genius at work geranium1 Greentime logo 1 highland calve hot dog huout102_raised_bed_lg I dare you to hit paste IM1 junk hack1 junk planter1 lacie1 lacie2 lacie3 lacie4 lacie5 lacie6 like my page me and mom's grandkids mellon baller my 2 ugly daughters narcisssus PennyBees_0 plumbs primula'silverway' puppi pussy willows rat rod pov raw edge border reflection puzzle rob salty bitch sand covered floor shelby seat shoveling si sisi snapchat1 sow what spread spring flowers spring purrfect stool1 stop the game requests sturdy home sunshine inspiration techno viking thc bee truck bench underwater photo veggie pizza walk on water wood spoon Woody's dining room Woody's dining room


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